The Things We Should've Known By Now

by Happy Monday People

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This album predominantly about :Your ex -lover/girlfriend who broke your heart into a thousand china pieces just for the hell of it, long distance fling with a hot Russian cosmonaut named Lenka, and life after a melodramatic breakup with your hot professor in college.


released June 27, 2015

album credits:

All songs written and performed by Miguel Montero
All songs mixed, recorded and mastered by Miguel Montero in his "Bedroom"

Album artwork no.1 designed by Thea Cinco
Album artwork no.2 designed by Cj DeSilva-Ong

Many thanks:

to all my super friends from north to south: Glen Tiopez, Thea Cinco, AJ Dizon, Rhys Trillanes, Danny Fabello, Faye Lopez, Jem Mejia, and Camille Barrientos, Vina Florento and Cj Desilva-Ong,

To all my musician friends and bandmates/ex-bandmates: Glen Tiopez (the 18s), Ted Cinco( Pinata) Rhys Trillanes(Molar), Tani Carino (Molar/Pinata), Janjan Arcenal (the 18s) Ralph Gonzalez Official (Molar) JR Santos (the 18s) and Gian Pineda(the 18s) and the peeps from Fools and Foes.

Continent Records and to all the people behind it: Tani the papabols Carino, Jaime Abellar

- Thank you for putting up with me all these years, Love you all!


(klankbeeld), buddha and

- Kat Merto for the cover photo
for "where are you now?" single cover

Copyright 2015 by Miguel Montero and Happy Monday People. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.



all rights reserved


Happy Monday People Manila, Philippines

Happy Monday People started in late 2011 as a solo music project of Miguel Montero, guitarist for bands The Eighteens, and Molar. In the early part of 2015, it eventually became a full band adding Jem Mejia on keyboard and Jan Nery on drums.

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Track Name: Where Are You Now?
Oh did I lose you somewhere
behind the city bright lights
I know this is what you wanted

But I didn't know I'll lose you
Where are you now?

Somehow all your promises faded
Consumed by the pervasive bright lights
And you did everything just to have it

But I didn't know I'll lose you

Where are you now?

I'm here picking up our pieces
Trails and good old memories of you
I never say i'll regret it
But I hope we did learn something out
of it.
Track Name: Happy Monday People
Urgency in time
The world has turned its wheels
I'm past my time
Outside your door
The city and its prying eyes
Had cast a shadow hovering my own

I'm tired to hear your scorn
And blabber about your perfect life
it's porn
Why dont we dare to peel off those
Filters that deceive us more than what we can chew

Hoping i wont past my time

No! Because we are happy monday people
No one deters our resolve
No one would even dare to void our very souls
We will put up a fight to the world
We'll draw our swords
Here's a toast to the glass oh brothers and foes
Track Name: Clouds We Nibble
the clouds we nibble

memories, and somber melody
surround my ears
it reminds me, on how we used to be

when we strum a note of a life time
we tease your dogs on our past time...
we smoke the clouds as we pass by

you promise me, eventually, we would never let go...

i promise you, that i'll be true, for the rest of my life

cause you remind me of a summertime
the bees, the breeze, and bottles of wine
the clouds we nibble as if it's mine
the keys, the piano, as the melody floats by

im a fake to say, not to miss you,
how you cling your arms around me
how tightly... it can be

when we both cling to the moment,
we trap ourselves in the silence
while we trust each other's patience

as we watch our roads part, we never looked back
but if i had a second look i think i'll still would
Track Name: Here In My Room
hello somber and warm
four corners of my room
i know you heard her story before
how she changed the way I looked at life, at love and loss

Giggles oh smiles and tears
your Walls are a witness to it all
how could you not warned me
that she had been faking it all

it's because in your fantasy
was the only time you were happy
and yet she felt surreal to me
or maybe im just too scared in reality

the figure of smile and your schemes
there's no way to forget them at all
oh damn my heart and mind in thinking
we could end it all
Track Name: Moonbeams And Seas
moonbeams and seas
across st marie
of my superb mastery

of jargons and bluff
im nothing but none
i wish i could have taken it back

back from the start
right back to you
wish i couldve love you like before
like what he does, like what i did back before.

you haunted like the wind
inside of a storm
my emotional baggage of sort
I know everything is blissful and sane
right back to your cornerstone

I could've done a thousand things
I could have save us from this mess
I know i was lame, and your reasons were lame
cause we're insecured

we could have done just one thing
we could have trust each other again

but those days were gone,
you were stolen by the wind
of moonbeams and seas
Track Name: Pale Shadows
are you still here
or are you gone amongst
the haze of dust

since your pale shadow
it still lingers inside my room
it is what's left on what w e were once

I remember when the time we understand
our differences and what it really means
yet we were one and free

remember when i used to hold your hand
and speak about forever and what it means
because we were one and free

in space and in between
i feel your hair and your skin
but do you feel me too?

since your pale shadow
my life was never been the same
im trapped here gasping for air

remember when the time we understand
our differences and what it really means
yet we were one and free

remember when i used to hold your hand
and speak about forever and what it means
because we were one and free
Track Name: Parks And Houses
You're Summer of my fantasy
We rode weasels and "might have beens

You were light on my dark days

I keep track of our happy hours
Cause I know time's not on my side

This is my realization

But you're so far away from me now
Not even your memories will keep me through
my day

I wish you're here now

We sang hymms on distant stars
And wrote songs bout childhood memories

My sweet distraction

You kept things float for awhile
Before you pulled the plug on us

This is your revelation

It was my fault to think it's more than just a kiss
when i thought i'll change your mind and make you feel the same way too

I guess im wrong now

So long, goodbye
Farewell, oh lover from my past

We/I move on to
the road where no one takes
Track Name: The Purging Of You
Time has changed us all
We're left with nothing to hold on

I'm scared that i wasted your time
I'm trapped here in a world of changing times

I wish I can go back to the time where I could mend things over again

i'll patch these holes with my bare hands to stop our hearts from purging love again

Say you'll stay for me
Just hold my hand and
Say you'll always be

Much has been said than done
We tried to fight our fears and tears
But we came up short

Don't blame me for all the mess we've done
I did all for you and you alone

Why Didnt I realize
that i wasn't the man right for you
but i'll always remember
that we tried
Track Name: Midnight
sun's down, yet your smile still lingers
here in my mind
brighter than what they told me , truly your're one of a kind

i wish time was never set in motion,
by the moment when you told me,
"can you stay close to me?"

i dont know why i feel this way
but what i feel is true i say
though you might not believe in words i say
i'll say it anyway, i miss you...

i know your past troubles you
like the way i once had
there's no easy way but to face them
worry not im with you,my darlimg

gently, ill wipe those tears if you need me
ill blow the rain clouds, far away from your eyes. oh darling, please smile